Time-Lapse Photography

Time-lapse is a process which involves taking exposures at regular intervals to speed up events. It is most familiar to people in film of clouds rushing past and flowers growing, but it has a number of other uses, including the filming of processes such as construction or manufacture.

Originally it was exclusively a film-based medium, using Bolex cameras to shoot 16mm, but these days, digital still cameras have taken over. We use several Nikon D1xs for all our interval work. These produce images which have more than enough resolution for High Definition TV. Any broadcast output format is supported.

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The Building of Corby Station
General Time-lapse Photography
The building of East Midlands Parkway

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Julian Brooks was trained originally at Oxford Scientific Films and Roger Wood is a psychologist and film-maker of vast experience. We have worked together on literally hundreds of productions. We also have access to many other film-makers and recordists/photographers who we only recommend because we know their work
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